HA-74-2024-0842 Sun Umbrellas


Dear Supplier, welcome to the Tender “LA-2024-8063_HA-74-2024-0842_Umbrellas”.

HAKOH is an international importer and wholesaler mainly for HORECA (Hotel, Gastronomy), Cook- and Kitchenware but also medical, with offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and cooperation offices in Türkiye.

Please find the short overview here and if interested, please download the detailed specifications and send us your quotation before the tender ends.

For any further questions, please contact the person written in the enquiry.

Best regards – HAKOH International Tender Team

          1. Product: Different types of sun umbrellas (Ø1,8 / Ø2,5m / Ø3m / Ø4m)
          2. Quantity: find in detailed Tender description
          3. Packing: find in detailed Tender description , suitable for safe sea freight (seawater-resistant containers).
          4. Tender Time: Quotations must be sent before 17th July 2024.
          5. Incoterms: FOB preferred (EXW accepted alternatively).
          6. Desired Payment: 20% deposit / 80% before loading.
          7. Certificates/Confirmations required: Detailed material composition, UV+50 Lightfastness 6-7, Declaration of Conformity for product safety, Windstability between 6-8
          8. Others: Seller must allow inspections by the buyer and third parties.
          9. Buyer:
                • For Asian Suppliers: HAKOH HONG KONG LTD., Hong Kong
                • For Non-Asian Suppliers: HAKOH GmbH, Germany


尊敬的供应商,欢迎参加招标 “LA-2024-8063 HA-74-2024-0842 Sun Umbrellas”。。

HAKOH 是一家国际进口商和批发商,主要经营 HORECA(酒店,餐饮),炊具和厨房用品,同时也涉及医疗领域,在阿姆斯特丹,香港和土耳其设有办事处。



此致 – HAKOH 国际招标团队

          1. 产品:Ø1,8, Ø2,5, Ø3 和 Ø4米不同印花的遮阳伞。
          2. 数量:请参阅招标详细文件。
          3. 包装:请参阅招标详细文件。
          4. 投标时间:报价必须在2024年7月17日前提交。
          5. 贸易术语:优先FOB(也可接受EXW)。
          6. 期望付款:20%预付款 / 80%装载前支付。
          7. 所需证书/确认:详细的材料成分,UV50+,耐光性6-7级,抗风能力6-7级以上。
          8. 其他:卖方必须允许买方和第三方检查。
          9. 买家:
                  • 对于亚洲供应商:HAKOH HONG KONG LTD., 香港
                  • 对于非亚洲供应商:HAKOH GmbH, 德国



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